WeatherDek II 1020

Ultimate Strength, Superb Versatility, Economical


WeatherDek II (WD II-1020) is one of the latest innovation that aims to minimize the number of joints required on the roof. The newly developed system is meant to provide complete design flexibility to our clients whilst maintaining excellent customer service and quality. This is one of the reasons why the WeatherDek II is seen on some of best client structures as their portfolio showpiece.

One of the advantages of the WeatherDek II is in its ability to spread over a wide span when compared to other similar products. This significantly reduces the cost of Purlin steel used during the placement. In addition, WeatherDek II offers superior protection against leakage which is extremely relevant against the rain heavy climate of Malaysia.


WeatherDEK II 1020 is available in lengths up to 25 meters and can be custom-cut to your length requirements. We can even supply lengths which are longer than 25 meters provided satisfactory transport and on-site handling can be arranged.


Length: 0,-15mm

Cover width: +-4mm


The sheets are packed in strapped bundles of one tonne maximum mass.

Minimum roof slope

The recommended minimum roof slope is 1 in 20 (approximately 3″). However, in non-cyclonic areas where roofs are in single sheet lengths, with a run of fewer than 15 meters, a minimum roof slope of 1 in 30 (approximately 3″) may be used.

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