The WeatherClip 655 is renown for its superb durability and protection against harsh weather. It is a triple pan profile with a powerful concealed clip system that is so strong it can withstand any weather condition.


WeatherClip 655 is made of Galvalume Zinc/ Aluminium Alloy coated steel that complies with ASTM A792-G550-AZ150 (550 MPa minimum yield strength, 150g/m2 minimum coating mass as determined by the prescribed triple spot testing methodology).

The Colourlume steel used in the manufacture of WeatherClip complies with ASTM A806 “Prepainted and Organic Film/Metal Laminate Products”


WeatherClip 655 is available in lengths up to 21 meters and can be custom-cut to your length requirements. We can even supply lengths which are longer than 21 meters provided satisfactory transport and on-site handling can be arranged or by site-roll forming.


Length: 0.-15mm

Cover Width: +-4mm


Sheet are packed in strapped bundles of on tonne maximum mass.

Minimum roof slope

It is recommended that a minimum slope of 1 in 55 or approximately 1 degree be provided. Please ensure that supports are in the placed in the same plane. Variations at the time of installation – or the uneven shrinking of timber supports that may occur could cause a zero or negative fall.

However, it is wise to provide for a minimum slope of 1 in 30 (approximately 2 degrees) to ensure a positive fall and avoid any danger of ‘ponding” which could lead to the reduced service life of the product.

Application of WeatherClip 655

WeatherClip 655 is suitable for roofing applications on very long roofs down to 1-degree pitch. The WeatherClip’s triple pan provides excellent protection against leakages, particularly against places with a heavy rainfall climate like Malaysia.

WeatherClip 655 is economical to use due to its great spanning capability over other profiles as it helps to reduce steel purlin costs. In addition, DMI offers this flexibility to provide on-site rolling for long and low pitched roof should you require it.

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